Royal Aragonese
College of Arms
(Real Collegio d'Armi Aragonese)
The Royal Aragonese College of Arms (or RACA), is a corporation of Officers of Arms and
Chroniclers under the jurisdiction of the Governor of the Royal House and of the Aragonese Orders. 
The Royal Aragonese College of Arms was founded in 1987, the Statutes being largely the work of the late Don James Frere, Marques de la Union.
The College has the following separate duties (extracts from the Statutes of the Order):
- To register and record the Arms and Genealogies of Noble, Titled and Armigerous families
conceded, recognised and confirmed by the Head of the House of Aragon
- To issue certificates of titles, propose and petition for titles of nobility
- To formulate protocols
The Royal Aragonese College of Arms is headed by four Kings of Arms and comprised of seven
Heralds and three Pursuivants.
For further information on the College and to view some of the records, you will need to access the site.  Please note that members pages are password protected.  If you require access please email us with your details using the button below.
Members of the College of Arms, at the creation of San Salvador Pursuivant (centre) in Abergavenny, May 2008
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Of your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of H.E. Don Bernard Gowing MJ MOC, Baron of Torre Sant Jorge. Sardina Herald (30/3/2010)